"I would like to express my ​satisfaction and appreciation for the excellent professional instruction Jill Powell provided in teaching me various weight training techniques.  Her knowledge and experience in designing the three different programs of weight training she taught me were outstanding.  Her understanding and experience of each technique, and her ability to teach you the correct way of performing it sets her apart from many other instructors.  

Jill is an excellent professional teacher of resistance training and would be a valuable asset to any athletic training facility.  "

Jay Hitchings

Director of Research and Development

Comanche Technologies, LLC


Since Aria started working with me she has become an exercise instructor herself. Also an accomplished runner, she finished her first Broad Street Philadelphia 10 mile run! I am proud to say she is still a friend and client in 2017.

​Jill Powell

"Training with Jill Powell has helped me to become a stronger person both inside and out! Her customized personal training sessions have helped me to improve my physical endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility! Jill's nutritional advice has helped me to make better food choices, both at home and eating out. Her motivation and encouragement has helped me go from saying, "I can't" to "I can," when it comes to trying new things! Now, I look forward to being challenged during workouts! Finally, Jill's group fitness classes help to add variety to my fitness regime. Overall, Jill is committed to giving her clients a "new lease on life," and I'm grateful she's a part of mine!"   

Aria Kovach  2012

​Aura was ready and willing to learn how to take control of her health. It was an honor and pleasure to watch her venture out into other fitness experiences like Zumba and Aquatics. As the time went by, the confidence just kept growing, and she decided in 2014 to learn to swim, a lifelong goal. I am proud to have been a part of her transformation and I know we will always be friends!! 


It was a pleasure training Nicole, but also becoming her friend, and we worked together at her home for years up until her wedding (of which I was an honored guest!!)  

Jill, 2017


"Jill has been a very large and positive influence in every facet of my life.  As a person, she is intelligent, honest, reliable, flexible and empathetic.  As a trainer, she is knowledgable and a great teacher and role model.  I've learned so much about eating healthy and incorporating exercise and other physical activities into my every day life.  The exercise routines ar different each time we meet and keep me on my toes!  Each circuit includes working out different parts of the body and there's always a large focus on core strength.  Jill is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone looking to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle." 

Nicole Gentile  7/2012


I humbly offer the following testimonials from my clients.


"Training with Jill has been one of the best investments I could have made in myself. Prior to starting with Jill, my body fat was 44% and I weighed 259 pounds. Over the last 2 years, Jill has helped me lose almost 100 pounds and half of my body fat. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge about training smart and eating healthy. What makes Jill stand out from the rest is her dedication to helping her clients through personalized workouts, diet recommendations and individualized attention.  From this, Jill has helped me to become a stronger person both physically and mentally." 

Aura Kovach 2012