​Training Sessions

About Me! 

As a Certified TRX Trainer, I can teach you this effective system that uses bodyweight to train the muscles in a way that nothing else can duplicate.  Stability, flexibility, strength, and especially CORE strength are all improved using TRX training at Everfit. 

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I've been a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for ten years.  I ask "how can I help you" and listen.  I look at the whole person- past history, current state of fitness, and where they'd like to be in the near future, and strategize ways to become healthier in body and mind.  Set realistic goals and implement  ways to achieve them.  My training style uses a variety of safe and effective methods using traditional weight lifting AND functional fitness exercises (dumbbells, bars, bands, stability balls, Bosu, TRX, Yoga and Pilates). I like to keep workouts fresh, fun and challenging for each client. 

After our initial complementary consultation, we'll meet for the first session to do weight (taking a photograph is a good idea at this time, but optional) , body fat percentage (again, optional), and measurements.

After a general warm up, strength and balance assessments are done, and then weight training exercises using the whole body.  If your goal is weight loss, we'll be sure to keep the heart rate up to target range.  Our workouts will continually progress and change as you are ready.  I use a variety of equipment and methods to keep the muscles guessing, creating the lean, strong physique.  There may be dumbbells, barbells, bands, TRX straps, Stability Balls, even a little boxing, Yoga and Pilates.  I am a certified Yoga Instructor (RYT), and would be happy to use the session to teach you Yoga instead of weight training. 

Each session is 55 minutes long, and are sold in packages of  10 - 24.  We can meet once, twice, or three times a week, either at Everfit or your home. Pricing available upon request. Please feel free to email or call.  (See Contact page)